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Since 1850, the Las Lilas Coffee plantation, or Finca, has been cared for by the Borjas/Mena family. It is our mission to keep its rich heritage alive. Our farm is located in the central region of El Salvador on top of Mt. Limbo, overlooking the San Miguel Volcano at an elevation of 4800 ft., an environment where some of the world’s most stunning coffees thrive. Nurturing our finca are Alicia Norvik and Lila Hernandez, sisters who descend from the original ancestry who first brought Las Lilas Coffee into being. ​

They practice the same techniques passed down from generation to generation while giving back to the people that make coffee possible in El Salvador. By blending classic growing and harvesting techniques, our fresh Arabic beans mature slowly for exquisite flavor, unique quality and earthy aromas. We are grateful to be a part of a local community of regional farmers who reflect the vibrant culture of authentic Salvadoran coffee.


Best of the Best

Only the highest quality beans are hand picked and shipped.
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Our MissionTo produce exceptional coffee

It is our Mission to provide authentic Salvadorian coffee, to build lasting relationships with our customers and farmers, to give back to our communities and all in the name of a GREAT cup of coffee.

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What we DoMake our customers happy

We produce one of the freshest coffees in the world. Only the highest quality beans are handpicked and shipped to your home with love. For generations our family has been in the business of providing specialty coffee from the region of San Miguel in El Salvador. The climate and elevation of Las Lilas farm makes for one of the best conditions to grow an exquisite coffee. We have taken a lot of pride and hard work to bring you a quality coffee that hopefully you will enjoy as much as we do.

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Giving backWe care about people

We aim to empower and inspire the people we work with, from bean to cup. A percentage of all our profits will be donated to Make-A-Wish Los Angeles, as well as to a charity from the region where our coffee is grown in El Salvador.

Our Coffee

Breakfast blend
Breakfast blend
This roast level has a balanced body, aroma, and acidity. This roast often brings out the best of the flavors and caramelization in coffees before they have begun to take on any burnt or bitter darkness.
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Dark roast
Dark roast
With our proper care this roast style gives you heavy body with a rich darkness in the cup. This profile trends towards chocolatey darkness with light acidity. There will be a sheen of oil on the surface which is usually evident in the cup when the dark roast coffee is brewed.
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Single origin farm
Single Origin
This coffee comes from a single farm in the Santa Ana region of El Salvador. We roasted this coffee lighter to best showcase the origin character of the coffee. The roast level shows no oil on the surface of the beans. This roast profile really enables the drinker to taste the soil and climate, the very essence, of El Salvador and the varieties grown there. This coffee is an extraordinary tasting experience.
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We believe that the full body and gentle balanced acidity of this roast will be best brought out as an espresso. We have taken great care from bean to cup to make sure that you will experience the full essence of this Espresso roast whether it is brewed as a regular cup of coffee or on an espresso machine. Any way that you prepare your coffee, our Espresso roast profile can adapt to bring you a divine coffee experience.
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Just because you take out the caffeine doesn’t mean you should take out the flavor! This decaf coffee is from Cauca, Columbia and is decaffeinated using an EA sugar cane process, a process that is favored to be the most "natural" process available.
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We Know Coffee

Our Team

Rebecca Poppe,

Rebecca Poppe

"Draws from her business experience as General Manager Rebecca will skillfully manage Las Lilas and accomplish our main objective which is to provide YOU with great coffee."

George Poppe,
Vice President

George Poppe

4th generation descendant of the original ancestry of Las Lilas coffee plantation. George looks to keep its rich family heritage a live for many more generations to come."

Chris Owens,
Director of Purchasing and Quality Control

Chris Owens

"Provides the experience and know-how of the coffee industry. Chris brings the assurance that only the best beans and roasting techniques are used in preparing las Lilas coffee. He was the Co-Founder of Handsome Coffee in Los Angeles."



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