Our Story

Our Goal is to Create a Truly Authentic Coffee Experience.

We Are Part of a Small Community of Regional Farmers in El Salvador Devoted to Quality Coffee.

Our Process In-Depth

Las Lilas Coffee Streamlines the Process to Achieve High Quality, Specialty Coffee at Affordable Pricing.

Las Lilas Coffee produces high quality specialty coffee at affordable pricing. Our relationships, our knowledge and our family history as coffee farmers allows us to create a fully integrated specialty coffee program. Since we don't rely on coffee distributors to purchase our coffee, instead utilizing our family farm as well as direct relationships with regional farmers, we're able to sell high quality coffee at a fraction of the price. We offer a range of different roasts from our smooth, medium (Morning Blend) roast to our rich, dark roast; and can provide specific roast profiles to a client's needs.

Las Lilas Coffee is grown in the San Miguel region of El Salvador at an elevation of 4,800 feet (1,463 meters), where the most stunning and flavorful coffees in the world are grown.

We are part of a small community of regional farmers in El Salvador who devote their lives to producing high quality coffee. Las Lilas has been in our family for four generations and continues to grow. We utilize harvesting and processing practices which enhance our coffee’s unique flavors, evoking the vibrant spirit of El Salvador.

The unique aspects of our product include superior product selection and preparation, quality assurance and efficient distribution. We have built a great team of people in the business and coffee industry that will assure the success of Las Lilas Coffee. Chris Owens whose resume includes head roaster of Ritual Coffee Roaster and co-founder of Handsome coffee. George Poppe is a fourth generation farmer and descendant of the Mena/Borjas family. Rebecca Poppe, president of Las Lilas Coffee, helps run our daily operations.

Las Lilas Coffee has been in the Mena/Borjas family for four generations, continuing to develop connections in Central America with farmers. Many members of our family are part of Las Lilas Coffee and proud to bring quality coffee to today’s market.

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